Apeldoornseweg 203e

6816 SM  Arnhem


Mon-Thu: 8.00u - 16.30u

Fri: 8.00u - 14.30u

Sat-Sun: Closed

Service Center Terlet


CoronaVirus safety precautions.

We don’t want to come to a standstill!


Because of the Coronavirus, we have decided to take drastic precautions.

Access to the Service Center Terlet building will be limited to permanent staff.

Customers, carriers, representatives, etc. cannot enter the SCT building during this situation.
Of course you are welcome to bring or collect your trailer and you can still bring or collect your instruments or ordered parts.

All appointments will take place by telephone or via another medium like skype or WhatsApp.

If you have an appointment, please bring your glider, instrument, part, etc. two days before the actual appointment, so that these items will be as good as virus-free within these 48 hours.

We realize that these measures seems extremely unfriendly, and we hope that you have understanding for this situation.