Apeldoornseweg 203e

6816 SM  Arnhem


Mon-Thu: 8.00u - 16.30u

Fri: 8.00u - 14.30u

Sat-Sun: Closed

Service Center Terlet


Due to holidays we are closed from Monday 10 to Friday 21 August.

For urgent cases you can send an email to info@sct-terlet.nl, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Service Center Terlet bv is the Glider Repair Center for the Netherlands and beyond.

With many years of experience, 5 enthusiastic employees and with good equipped tools, are we able to maintain your Glider with the utmost Care and Quality.
If it is about; Inspections, Modifications, Repairs, Avionic Testing, Engines, etc., we can offer all the maintenance needed for your Glider or Motor-Glider.
Quality also means, optimal communication between you and Service Center Terlet.
You will be treated as we would like to be treated.

We are EASA Part-M, Subpart F Maintenance Organisation and Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation (CAMO) approved.
So, it even doesn’t matter where you live, as long as you Glider is registered in an EASA member state, we can take care of your Glider.

Give it a try and you will see.

Highlighted blog

New fence at Terlet.
February 21, 2020

We are protecting your valuables.

Terlet will be closed for unauthorized persons to protect your valuables.


As of mid-March, Terlet will be closed to unauthorized persons through a fence and a barrier.

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Watch our Videos

Watch how to put a new tail on a fuselage. (168mb)
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