Apeldoornseweg 203e

6816 SM  Arnhem


Mon-Thu: 8.00u - 16.30u

Fri: 8.00u - 14.30u

Sat-Sun: Closed

Service Center Terlet

New fence at Terlet.

We are protecting your valuables.

Terlet will be closed for unauthorized persons to protect your valuables.


As of mid-March, Terlet will be closed to unauthorized persons through a fence and a barrier.

That means that without an authorization or a tag you can no longer enter the site by car.

Visiting the Service Center Terlet bv?

During working time:
You can call us at the gate and we will open the barrier for you.

Outside working hours or at the weekend:
Contact us in advance so that we can authorize you to enter Terlet outside our working hours or during the weekends.

In exceptional cases you can call:
Peter Jansen  : +31 (0) 6 222 37 555
Sikko vermeer: +31 (0) 6 479 50 038