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Composite Workshop 2017

Composite Workshop

on 25 and 26 November, for those who are interested.

For a little impression of what you can expect, a small explanation and the agenda for these two days in question.

During this workshop, a basic composite repair will be carried out (a small hole in a sandwich construction of a wing) with the support of our specialists.
We start the first day with a cup of coffee or tea, a welcome speech and then start with an interesting lecture by engineer Louis van Rijn about composites and stress loads in the aviation.
Depending on the number of participants, you will work alone or with your partner and the entire repair will be carried out by yourself or you and your partner.
Possibly, with some contradictory feelings, you must make a hole in a sandwich construction of a wing. After that, we start repairing the under laminate and the foam core (Divinicell).
After this first phase we will start repairing the top laminate in the afternoon.
In practice, apparently there is still a problem with the smooth and proper completion of such a repair. We will therefore devote a great deal of time on Sunday for refinishing this repair.

Saturday 25 November
8.30h Welcome at the SCT with coffee
9.00u Start course / Welcome speech
9.15u Theory by Louis van Rijn
11.00h Start of composite repair theory by Peter Jansen
11.30u Starting composite repair practice
13.00h Break (Lunch on your own or at the restaurant the Thermiekbel)
13.45u Composite repair practice
16.00u End of the course

Sunday, November 26th
8.30h Welcome at the SCT with coffee
9.00u Presentation finishing by André Evertse
9.45u Start practice preparation finishing
13.00h Break (Lunch on your own or at the restaurant the Thermiekbel)
13.45u Demo, grinding and polishing.
14.30u Presentation facts and curiosities by Peter Jansen
15.30u Distribution certificate
15.45u Film: Fuselage Repair Arcus
16.00u End Composite Workshop

You do not have to worry about clothes, gloves, tools etc., we take care of that.

If you have any questions about this, please call us.

Costs for the two-day Composite Workshop is € 475,00 incl. VAT.

This includes:
• Readings about composites, stress load, etc. by Ing. L. van Rijn
• Theory of practice
• Practical composite repair
• Practical paintwork and finishing
• Workwear
• Protective equipment (Gloves, masks)
• Tools
• Materials
• Coffee and beverage
• Certificate of participation